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2017 Manifest Your Intensions

I'm a strong believer in not waiting for New Years to set new goals and intensions for yourself. Continuous reevaluation and improvement are the bread and butter of reaching your goals.  However, New Years Eve and Day are great times to reflect on our growth over the past year, contemplate the direction of our paths for the year, and shed any baggage that has been holding us back.

I thought I'd share a few of my blog/beauty related goals with you as well as some personal development goals. 

1. Weekly Blogging - Since launching my blog in 2016 my posts have been irregular in frequency. It's been mostly an experimental learning experience. I have so much content and information I want to share with you all and the aim this year is consistent weekly blogging.

2. Try New Brands - It's easy to get into a beauty rut and stick with the same brands that you know and are comfortable with. This year, I am going to be stretching my knowledge and comfort zone by branching out to brands that are new to me. Here is a sampling:

  • Max and Me
  • Lilfox
  • Alima Pure
  • Au Naturale
  • Leahlani
  • Hynt
  • Hush and Dotti
  • Root Pretty
  • Josh Rosebrook
  • Urban Oreganics

3. Expand! - The big experiment of 2017 will be Youtube. If I keep to my weekly blogging commitments, I'd like to try my hand at Youtube. There is a lot that I feel is easier conveyed "in person" conversationally and I'd like for you all to get to know me a bit better. We shall see!

4. Clean Eating - pretty self explanatory. I was raised on clean eating so it comes pretty naturally to me, but this past year has been a bit of a "wallow in self pity" kind of eating year. Re-focusing on good food and good quality food is important to me. This means meal prepping and getting back to cooking more from scratch.

5. Thyroid Health - If you're new to my blog, I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis an autoimmune disease that essentially attacks your thyroid and has a wide array of symptoms. The ones that hit me hardest are usually extreme fatigue, depression, mental fog, and weight gain. This year I am committing to focusing on using all the tools at my disposal to fight these symptoms.

6. Sustainable Living - Green Beauty ultimately goes hand in hand with sustainability. I've always been conscious of making responsible choices with the products and items I use everyday, but this year the magnifying glass is on. 

These are just a few of my New Years goals. What are your intensions this year? What are you going to make happen in your life? 

Happy New Year Lovelies! 'Til Next Time