Clean Beauty For All


Baby Me

I'm quite accustomed to using baby products. This might sound weird, but I've been using baby products my entire life. Anyone with a skin disorder like eczema (I've had it everyday of my life), psoriasis, and/or rosacea will be familiar with shopping the baby aisle.  In the time before there was a focus on sensitive skin and a wide array of gentle non-toxic products, we could only really rely on the products designed for the delicate skin of babes to be gentle enough.

These days in the green/clean beauty movement there are all kinds of personal care, house keeping, and beauty products designed with the sensitive in mind. That doesn't mean I've given up the tried and true products that have served me well for so long. These are just a few things I love to use that usually earn me questions about my "baby" in the checkout lane.


Baby Wipes

I try to find brands that are natural, hypoallergenic, fragrance and dye free, and biodegradable.  These make great makeup wipes and are a fraction of the cost. I keep them in my car for cleaning up little spills, sticky hands, or a dusty dashboard. There's also a pack in my gym bag for a post workout freshen-up. Overall baby wipes are super handy and gentle.  

Baby Shampoo

Sensitive scalp? Fine textured hair? Take a look down the baby aisle. Babies tend to have much more sensitive skin than adults  (and fine hair) so this makes baby shampoo ideal for fine textured hair and sensitive adult scalps as well. There are all kinds from fragrance free, to ones infused with lavender. 

Baby Lotions, Salves,  and Creams

Babies have sensitive skin and often get rashes. I have sensitive skin and always have rashes. Match made. You'll find a lot of options in this category. My favorite is the Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion by California Baby. It dries quickly, but penetrates deeply into my skin. I keep a bottle on my desk at work and use it after every time I wash my hands. If you buy it directly from their website you can actually buy quite a few of their products in bulk. Cheaper in the long run and far less packaging and waste being produced!

There are so many natural baby brands as well now. Some of the ones I like to test out are California Baby, Babyganics, Zoe Organics, and Shea Moisture.They all have great products, some of which you'll be seeing reviewed here int he future. 

What are some products not marketed for your demographic that you've tried and loved? 

~'Til Next Time Lovelies