Clean Beauty For All

About AGFB

Hello Darlings! 

Perhaps you found me through my Instagram reviews or perhaps you simply stumbled upon this website through a Google Search. Either way, Welcome!

A few of the Things I Am:

  • A Former SkinCare Sales Associate and "Expert"
  • A University of Michigan Alumni
  • An Amateur Photographer
  • A Wannabe Guitarist
  • An Ex-Mathematician
  • A Fibre Artiste
  • Eternally Curious
  • Painfully Honest
  • An Aspiring Granola
  • Open -Minded

A few of the Things I Am Not:

  • A Doctor
  • A Dermatologist
  • An Aesthetician
  • Rich
  • Lofty
  • Able to be Bought
  • Impractical 

I do have a 9-5 that I love, but I've always wanted to have a forum for dispensing my knowledge, experience, and advice on skincare and non-toxic beauty products. I've had eczema all my life and thus was raised with a proactive approach to nutrition, health, and skincare. Around early 2012 I had to go gluten free due to Celiac Disease and early 2015 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. It is important to me that my lifestyle be as natural, organic, toxin-free, and ecological as possible and to help others on their path towards that lifestyle as well. My friends, family, and all of you.

Thank you for taking a moment to check out A Great & Feral Beauty.

With Love,